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If your engine needs attention, bring your vehicle to Louie's Car Care. Our ASE certified mechanics will make sure it leaves our shop running optimally.


We can't tell you how many times a basic maintenance has revealed easy-fix issues that would have led to a serious problem or breakdown before the car was due for a factory scheduled maintenance mileage point. While some people chalk up minor issues to the age of a car and don't suspect anything wrong without the check engine light on, there are a number ways for know it's time for engine maintenance:


  • Reduced fuel mileage

  • Stalls, misfires or an engine running rough

  • Fast or rough idling

  • Struggling on hills,  sluggish accelerating

  • Strange noises like knocking or pinging

  • Black smoke from your exhaust

  • Problems starting your vehicle


 If you notice your car, truck or SUV is performing poorly or want us to take a closer look at your vehicle, Louie's Car Care offers expert services at great prices.

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Louies Car Care, Oswego, IL




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